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Recent Conventions

Emerald Coast Veterinary Conference 2019

The Emerald Coast Veterinary Conference is a CE event unlike any other. White sand beaches and a world-class golf & beach resort create an environment that attracts the best speakers. Outstanding CE in an unrivaled setting has contributed to ECVC’s amazing growth and popularity. That's how it was promoted. What do our members think?

WSAVA/CVMA Conference 2019

WSAVA/CVMA 2019 will enhance your knowledge and practice, it will provide you with the best social experience and enable you to network with the global veterinary community. What are your thoughts?

Hambletonian CE Seminar for Equine Veterinarians

The 16th Annual Hambletonian Continuing Education Seminar, Wet Labs and Trade Show for Equine Veterinarians is the third largest equine CE meeting in the country. Did it live up to the hype?

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Association News

The Seven Deadly Sins of Booth Staffers

It may take a year or more to develop a heavenly trade show program and booth design that is set to skyrocket your company’s bottom line, but it only takes a matter of seconds for badly behaved staffers to send it all straight to hell.

Exhibit/Tradeshow Marketing from Afar

How do you pull off a first-rate show when you’re holed up in your cubicle? Exhibit-marketing experts offer tried-and-true strategies to help you manage a successful show from a distance. 

Show Selection: Five Steps to Informed Decisions

The success or failure of all those things rides on the back of the most fundamental decision of all: which shows are worthy of your exhibit-marketing investment.

Since 1936

The American Veterinary Exhibitors' Association has provided veterinary exhibitors, associations and suppliers a forum for the exchange of mutually beneficial information and ideas.

Our mission is simply to strive to improve the effectiveness of all conventions, meetings, and exhibitions for the Veterinary industry.

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