About The AVEA

Since 1936

The American Veterinary Exhibitors’ Association has provided veterinary exhibitors, associations and suppliers a forum for the exchange of mutually beneficial information and ideas. The AVEA Board consists of exhibitors volunteering their time with the understanding that together our voice, communication and planning does make a difference.

The American Veterinary Exhibitors’ Association’s (AVEA) mission is to¬†improve the effectiveness of all conventions, meetings, and exhibitions for the veterinary industry.¬†Through our advocacy for our members, we enable the exchange of ideas, serve as a conduit between members and conference organizers, and persistently seek ways to improve the veterinary exhibition experience.

The AVEA is a not-for-profit association united by a common desire to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of veterinary conventions and exhibitions as an educational and marketing medium.

The AVEA, past, present and future works closely with associations, working together for time with attendees in the hall, unopposed hours, shipping, drayage, dollars spent….. we, as members of the AVEA, have that voice and continue to work hard for all of us. On Behalf of The AVEA, we invite you to call, to email, to join, to be part of this team.

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